"the name's moshi,"

im a south-american artist and clown person who enjoys wasting time on the internet maybe a bit too much
im agender and gay, i will marry you if you use they/them pronouns
i really enjoy y2k aesthetics, rhthym games, EDM music, coding and web design,
character design, and a lot of anime and cartoons, also obviously clowns,
and other lidel creatures

you can call me moshi as most of my friends do, but you can also feel free to call me 'aaron'
(not my actual name but the name i really prefer being formally called by), 'angel', or 'worm'
you can learn more about me in my 'diary' section, my 'interests' section, or my 'shrines' (currently W.I.P)
feel free to talk to me about anything you'd like! i'd really enjoy making new friends who might have similar interests as me,
hope you understand i might be a bit cold and anxious at first though, im not all that great at interacting with humans, but i hope we get along!

tw on my blog: blood, clowns, rats, bugs, slurs, needles, knives, weapons, etc (please tell me if there's any other you want me to include)

please do not interact with my blog if you support MAPs, lolicons, are homophobic or transphobic, etc etc